Freeing the Neck and Shoulders

Somatics Workshop at Mulberry House, Edinburgh

Jahna Clark is holding a Somatics Workshop for anyone with a stiff neck and shoulders. That’s most of us, right? Especially those of us who sit at a desk all day. Having tried Jahna’s class, and having had experience with a similar approach in the past, I’d thoroughly recommend it. It may even help with headaches related to tension in the neck and shoulders.

What is Somatics?

Somatics exercises are very gentle, so suitable for almost everyone, but also very powerful. They work to change muscular restrictions and tension by retraining movement patterns. With habitual postures, we can all get “stuck” sometimes. With Somatics, you can learn to release unhelpful tension in muscles that may be contributing to stiffness, pain and tension headaches. You already have the most powerful tool for releasing these tensions – movement! But sometimes you need a little help when you’re stuck in an unhelpful pattern. Somatics can provide that help.

10th October 2015

Mulberry House
21 Manor Place
Edinburgh • EH3 7DX


To book, contact Jahna.

Eight Week Somatic Movement Course

Jahna has more courses and workshops, including an eight week course at Mulberry House.

“Somatic Exercises is a gentle neuromuscular approach that effectively retrains your brain to release chronic muscle tension – one of the most common causes of muscle stiffness and pain. In this course you will learn a basic routine of safe, simple yet profoundly effective movements that when practised daily will help you move freely without pain.”

These exercises are very gentle, so suitable for older people and those with arthritis, or with chronic pain. At the same time, they’re profoundly effective, and people of all ages could benefit. My first introduction to a similar approach was while training four or five times a week in a martial art. Within a short time, getting thrown around by 4th and 6th Dan black belts felt a lot less challenging, as my body became more responsive, better coordinated and freer in its movement. So, even sports people could benefit.

For more information, follow the link: Sensing Within Workshops