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Shoulder Injuries in Archery

Recently, I’ve been treating a competitive archer with a shoulder injury. It’s always interesting to come across a patient with a problem related to a specific activity I can find out more about, so I’ve been doing some investigation, which I thought I’d share. On a quick look at some research, it looks like shoulder […]

Osteopath: Weekend Appointments Available in Edinburgh

If it’s hard to find time for an appointment during the week, it can also be hard to find an osteopath at the weekend. Osteopath Tom Jordan has appointments for new patients available in Edinburgh at the weekend on a Saturday. For osteopathic assessment and treatment, book your appointment by calling: 0131 557 2211 Eyre […]

Mindfulness for Osteoarthritis Pain

Physical approaches such as keeping active, exercise, and hands-on treatment can be very helpful for those with osteoarthritis, but we’ve known for some time that the brain has an important role in pain, apart from any physical damage. Here’s an interesting piece from Arthritis Research UK on how mindfulness-based approaches may play an important part […]